I still remember the last time I was in Blok Seroja,with one heavy luggage and a few parcels, which one of them containing kek lapis (layered cakes) of various flavors.My heart was heavy,I felt a lump in the throat, maybe two or three butterflies were flying in my stomach ( I think so).

Walking down the corridor in front of my room, heading to the staircase, I went to Allyssha's room and slid an envelope under her door.Oh my, how I wish I could give a final hug to a dear friend, my closest Sarawakian friend.She has something different than anybody else.I knew it the first time I laid my eyes on her,in physics class at DKA 2.At that moment,I uttered to myself "I want to be her friend".

Little did I know, we both become closer after that as she was elected as the president of our Students' Council and I was her secretary.There was the days, where she came knocking to my room, and we both edited the paperwork together, right at that very last minute!

The night before, Allyssha came to my room saying sorry as she couldn't make it to a last dinner ,a farewell dinner organized by Students' Council.I was really sad T_T

"It's okay then,Allyssha.But I really hope you could join us"

Maybe she had something important,nak but camna kan,kamek sik boleh polah apa kalau kitak busy.

Then,about 10 minutes after someone knocked on the door - Allyssha.

Yes!!! My face lit up with excitement.She joined the dinner.


Dinner was good, Sir Hafiz handed some amount of money to be spent, and all my teammates were there.I love you guys!

Not to forget, my two friends that I hold dear to my heart -Nazira and Nadia Ruqayyah, we shared a lot of good times in Sarawak.

I have many other good friends in UNIMAS,you know who you are ;)

It is 2018 now, I already learnt two great lessons


Allah grant our wishes in ways that we could never imagine.


A cup of green tea

I'm back!
It has been a long time since I give myself a break,and spend some mighty times with the nature.

I slipped a book,and searched for a pen to bring along into the forest.But then,as I realized the pen that I brought have no ink!So I stared into the woods,the beautiful big strong trees,the calm river and breathed in the fresh air,imagining how good it would be if I can express the calmness into words.Then,I decided to just enjoy the present.Embrace what I am feeling at that perfect moment.

So I looked through the window,the kids were playing around,splashing the water to each other.And there was this one kid,he stayed at the river,playing all alone with the cans and stones.Even when it was raining,he was there.I am happy to see him happy.Right after zohor,Anis,Sofea and I dozed off.When we woke up,there was no food anymore,wuuhuuuu T_T

I met wonderful people,and it taught me that if you see kindness in everything,you will feel good with yourselves.Always see good first before everything else.Less complaint,be grateful more.

Along the bumpy and rocky roads,the Pajero that I rode on was stopped a few we need to help another car behind us.Okay,I don't really know how to explain this.But this is how it was,when the car behind us can no longer move due to some reasons,the men will attached a rope/cable to enable us to pull that car forward.Then ,when our car too is unable to move,we attached it to a big tree to enhance the support to allow movement.You know what precious thing I learnt?Instead of blaming each other,they help each other.More actions,less talk.That is,wow!When perseverance and patience combined together,things just work out.

I on the other side,along with Sofea and Anis just help to spread the sardines and ikan bilis on the bread for them wuhuuuu,okaylah tu kan.Lepastu aku ingat Pak Ngah dan Paksu (Firdaus) cakap " Masuk hutan jangan berkira,bila kita tolong orang nanti orang pulaklah tolong kita".They are so nice.This applies in all aspects of life actually.

That morning we went out at 9 am ,and we only reached the track to Terowong Komunis at 4.50 p.m.Tu baru sampai trek,bukan hiking ke terowong lagi.Hmm,yang penatnya pilot dan co-pilot yang memandu.I gained new experience and I learnt something new.Apa yang penting?Kerjasama!

Dan juga tidak diupakan pacat-pacat yang sangat *hebat*.HUHU.

I'll upload the pictures later.

Apa kena mengena dengan green tea?Entahlah.I made myself a cup of green tea,reminiscing the greenish forest,but then emm I think the title is a bit misleading,eh?

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