before sunrise

Before Sunrise (1995)

It's about a young woman and man who met on a train.It depicts raw emotions,beautiful words and in truthful and sincerely expressed dialogue.You should watch it, explaining about it would be so.... I have no right words to manifest it.

You know, it is just sometimes a person is destined to cross the path in your life... and who say relationships need to last forever?But,hey it is also depressing to realise that you need to part ways - the hardest goodbye is the last one.Sometimes, uncertainties is better.Like when you started to know all the intricate details about someone and you know it would be so complicated - - and that's just how life is.

So maybe spending a day together is enough, for the future is never to be predicted isn't it?
You either pave the path or you just flow down the stream of life.

But, hey this is the only first part of the trilogy.

Till, next time.By the way, it is 29th of February.
I know I shouldn't wait till 2024 for the next post.

I shall post soon.

p/s : Fly me to the moon
        Let me sing among those stars
        Let me see what spring is like
        On jupiter and mars

A Host Sister from Italy

Last semester break, my family is grateful with the opportunity to host an AFS exchange student from Italy in conjunction with The 8th International Friendship and Cultural Camp (IFCC)  that was held in SK Air Merah.

Back in my secondary school, when I was in form 3 and form 4 there were two exchange student from France and Switzerland respectively.I can still remember the girls in my class flocking at the door when the boy from France was walking around the school as the teacher was showing him the places in our school.Then in 2014, a beautiful Swiss girl made us all in awe and I have always waited for her to give a speech during the assembly.She once shared about her hometown, right after I reached home that day, I googled it and it was a countryside with a mesmerising view of a lake - forgive me I don't remember the place.I had this one picture with her and I hope it is still there,in one of the many files of pictures ( I should look up for it soon!).

Most of the exchange students were in my school because they have a host sister or brother that is studying in the same school and I was clueless back then how to become a host family,the procedures and all ( I secretly hope that my parents would opt to become a host family).And now, years later after I had finished school, finally I am being given the chance to have a host sister,alhamdulillah.

If some of you had read AFS Exchange Student Interview Tips , you would know how me and my friend applied for this AFS Exchange Student Programme.Seeing the foreign students flew far away from their hometown across the globe to learn and exchange new culture sparked my interest to join the programme as well.

Back to my main topic, this sweet girl named Manuela from Rome,Italy was assigned to us as a host sister for a really short three days but it was an amazing experience.Believe me, days before as Sofea and I arrived home from our uni we were nervous as how to greet her and "dia makan nasi tak?".Should we prepare vegetarian food for her,will she be comfortable to sleep in the room all alone or should Saffa accompany her and most of all,how should we make her short stay a  memorable one?All the questions were lingering in our head.

The day came, Ummi brought her back home with her buddy - Yi Wei (Teacher Soo's son).Fortunately, she is a very friendly and warm girl, initiating a conversation with her was a breeze.So the first night, we went to buy a baju kurung ( a traditional Malay attire) for her and we played a round of bowling together.The second day, there was a programme in Kampung Lindungan Raja,Sedim.The exchange students from Korea,France and Italy were being taught on how to produce coffee beans and prepare traditional food such as peknga (a type of pancake).They were also shown the way to grate the coconut which is the first step to produce santan (coconut milk).In the evening, the students had an astronomy night session where they were given chance to look at they brightest star, Sirius through the telescope.Amazing!

The third day, Manuela went for a sightseeing in Alor Star with the other exchange students.We fetched her in the evening and brought her to Penang as it was the last night.So we had a stroll in Batu Ferringhi Night Market and had some family time together.

"Would you like this one?"

Family time over coffee and chit chats
Abah putting down his autograph on the card
Ummi writing a card for Manuela

On the last day, we sent Manuela to school and bid her farewell.It was a pleasure to host you,Manu.Manuela gave us some beautiful souvenirs from Italy, so thoughtful of her.Hoping that I can visit her in the future, insyaAllah.
Manuela gave us a postcard and that definitely made my day! ^^


Lovely Manuela!

From me, to her

I really admire the exchange students who travel across the globe to expand their intercultural knowledge.I can see how they engage with the people here, mingling with people and displaying an interest in learning new things.It takes a strong will to stretch out of your comfort zone and live in a new surrounding,also learning the culture and religion.You know what, I just realize that being an exchange student in Malaysia requires so much effort cause you need to prepare yourself in regards of the religious beliefs, culture,language and also food in this multicultural country.On the bright side, you can celebrate many festivals and enjoy the rich delicacies!Hey people, go and chase your dreams.No one is going to stop you, unless YOU LIMIT YOURSELF.

Hoping that you'll come to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with us, Manuela.

Take care always.

All the best in everything you do :)