Farrah and SPM


Now I know why I have to succeed in my SPM no matter what.

Because I want to inspire others to be successful too,to achieve and to accomplish something in their life.

Yeap,I have lots of other reasons to do my best in SPM,but this is one of the ultimate reasons.
Like I've written in the previous entry,to be good we must surround ourselves with people that emit positive vibes.And the best thing is,you MUST BE THAT PERSON.

Time like this reminds me a lot about PMR,the passionate part of me who loves to share study tips with my cousins,reminding them countlessly about the importance of education,asking them what they really want in their life,their ambitions and future.I do think a lot ya.

But at that time I always have this doubt in myself that keeps haunting me.Like,I've always think that am I good enough to give advices to people.I never scored straight A,never in my lower form.So that 'thing' really bother me from doing what I've always wanted to do.To motivate and to inspire.

So the day I got my PMR result,I realized that this is it.I shouldn't hesitate everytime I'm feeling the urge to do what's right.To do what I MUST DO. 

What am I doing in the middle of night,typing here?I should face the book!

Hah,no this is one of the way to motivate myself to study harder (and smarter)

Cause, for me expressing all I feel in this blog is as making an oath online.

p/s :  please pray for me ya.Insya-Allah all is well. :)

Life updates : October and SPM


So,how's life u guys?There is just 12 days left.....menghitung waktu detik demi detik..
12 days left and then the BIG BROTHER is coming.He's coming,he's coming,He's REALLY really coming!

Yeah,you guess it right!It's SPM. 😂😂😂