Reading HONY (Human of New York) make me realises that I should be grateful for the life I am living now.Yes,some of us have to go through with hardships and challenges in life.Struggle,conflicts,problems all mashed up and to some point we feel as if we want to give up.

But,do you know,in Syria,refugees are packing their belongings,boarding the boats in the pitch black nights,waving to the loved ones,leaving the place they were raised,the place they were given birth to,the school that they were gaining knowledge but the memories is keep with their high hopes to strive in order to keep LIVING.

Bombings and wars,make they feel threatened.They have no choice.Hence,they have to choose.

If you read about Aya you will know how persevere she is in believing that someday,things will get better.I hope and I pray that she and her family will lead a new life,where there are no more tears shed from her eyes - unless tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks.

If you read about 'The Scientist' that never lost hopes to contribute positively to the world despite the loss of his loved ones.He still want to make changes and serve the humankind with his creative inventions.People who care for people.

But,there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 😃 We have to believe in Allah,in ourselves and be strong!

Do you know that a volunteer from Malaysia flew to Greece and cook for the refugees there.He believe that food is hope.Imagine their faces lit up when served with hot soup and tea upon enduring the waves and hurdles along their journey accross the sea.Hoping that they will survive in the middle of the wide sea.His name is Rayyan Haries,so go and follow him on facebook to know his updates there.

We should have faith in humanity and cultivate the culture af caring and love in our soul.No matter what race,religion or colours we must love each other.Install the humanity in us!

I'd like to share one of the ayat in surah An-Nisaa

وَلَا تَتَمَنَّوْا مَا فَضَّلَ اللَّهُ بِهِ بَعْضَكُمْ عَلَىٰ بَعْضٍ ۚ لِلرِّجَالِ نَصِيبٌ مِمَّا اكْتَسَبُوا ۖ وَلِلنِّسَاءِ نَصِيبٌ مِمَّا اكْتَسَبْنَ ۚ وَاسْأَلُوا اللَّهَ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمًا  ﴿٣٢

32. Dan janganlah kamu terlalu mengharapkan (ingin mendapat) limpah kurnia yang Allah telah berikan kepada sebahagian dari kamu (untuk menjadikan mereka) melebihi sebahagian yang lain (tentang harta benda, ilmu pengetahuan atau pangkat kebesaran). (Kerana telah tetap) orang-orang lelaki ada bahagian dari apa yang mereka usahakan, dan orang-orang perempuan pula ada bahagian dari apa yang mereka usahakan; (maka berusahalah kamu) dan pohonkanlah kepada Allah akan limpah kurnianya. Sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa Mengetahui akan tiap-tiap sesuatu.

32. And do not wish for that by which Allah has made some of you exceed others. For men is a share of what they have earned, and for women is a share of what they have earned. And ask Allah of his bounty. Indeed Allah is ever, of all things, Knowing.

Usaha yang disulami doa,insyaAllah akan Allah makbulkan.
Assalammualaikum. 😊😃


Assalammualaikum and Hye,

I've promised you guys that I will share the tips for AFS INTERVIEW,so I'm here! ;D
Before that, I want to clarify  that I am not selected to the second interview in KL.Hence,I know that you shouldn't do the same mistakes as I've done.

The interview that I attended was for KL-YES interview which is an exchange student program to USA with scholarship.Sounds good right?Participate in it if you are interested!

There are other interview such as AFS short-term program to Italy,Germany,Turkey and Japan too.
Do visit the for further information.

1.Know the culture of all races in Malaysia

This is compulsory!You must know the culture of Malay,Indian,Chinese,Iban,Kadazan,Orang Asli,Baba Nyonya and other indigenous tribes in Sabah and Sarawak.They will not ask you about all of it but apparently you need to know the festival that is celebrated by the races.Then,the foooood!Know it and eat it!Okay,jokes aside.You have to know the main dishes.Next,clothes-- the traditional attire that we usually wear during certain festival like cheongsam,baju kebaya,sam foo and a lot more stunning traditional clothes that you've never think of.

Cantik kan!We must treasure our culture.
             When you are doing research about your own country's culture,keep it in your mind as a general knowledge too.Not just for the sake of attending the interview.After all,we must be proud of our lovely Malaysia.I love my tanah tumpah darahku!

2.Practice traditional dances

You don't need to be a professional dancer in this case,but you HAVE to know at least three dances because if the interviewer ask you to perform zapin and you don't have any idea about it,at least you can show them that you can JOGET.Now they know,you are capable of something and you do know how to promote Malaysian traditional dancing to the world.We're a blend of various cultures and that's what makes Malaysia,Malaysia.Okay,so I want to make your work a little bit easier --Traditional dances that you should have a try (click it!)

3.Voice out your opinion

During the interview,there was a game and an 'ask-what-you-want' sessions and lastly a debate.Okay,you don't have to worry about this and find points to defeat the opposition as the debate is conducted in a relaxed and chill environment.But,I am not declaring that this is how the interview is going to be because there will be volunteers that will supervise and take charge of the interview so it is up to them what type of activities they will organise.Anyway,enjoy the activities as it will be super fun and make new friends.Whatever it is,try to express your opinion out loud and it is a +1 if you are the first person to answer or share your thoughts when any questions arise.The originality and your bravery is counted as bonus.

         What I am trying to deliver is,be brave and voice out!Be different.If you're thinking that the other person may have the same thoughts in his/her head then be the first to say it.You may have doubt that your idea is ridiculous but you also are portraying to others how to look at something from a different perspective.And tell you what,weird is the new smart.Hahaha

Okay, I want to share one of the mind boggling questions they asked during the group interview.I found this question as quite interesting and we really can know how the girls' reactions if they meet their significant one during the exchange program.

Q: What if you fell in love with someone during the exchange student program?
      Say that the person is your host brother or someone that live in your host country.

A(girl 1) : I need to tell my family first about this and if my father give the permission then it is okay.

Q            : Then if you ended the programme will you continue the relationship like a LDR?

A(girl 1 ): Yes,maybe.

Q: So,what about you?

A(me) :As for me I think I need to determine whether is that a true love or just a crush because we might just like someone and it's not love.I don't think it is wrong to fell in love but how you express your love will actually be the main subject.If you don't do anything that may give bad assumptions to people then it's okay.

There were five girls in my group but I don't remember all of their answers so I only can recall two of that.One from another girl and from me.


Then the interviewers started telling us that there was an exchange student that fell in love,a real love not an infatuation towards someone that you just met,and they keep in touch with each other even after the program had ended.Considering that this love is a long distance relationship where the student must go back to his/her country once the exchange ended,then I think it really require a big commitment,right?Anyway,I've read about a story similar to this,and guess what they still contact each other and that someone special is the host brother.

Okay,I am not encouraging you to fell in love (hahaha) but you need to know your intention of going there in the first place which is to gain knowledge,learn new cultures and promote the culture of your beloved country and also extend your circle of friends.

You need to know that by joining this program you not only have to live in a new place,adapt to the environment and meet new people but most importantly you are the young ambassador of Malaysia.You are responsible to promote our culture there and portray good image of our country and our people.

And if you really want the KL-YES scholarship,then work for it!I knew that I need to practice the dance but I didn't and that's it.When the interviewer asked me to perform zapin ,I awkwardly moved my hands in circling motion.I have no idea how to do it,apart of joining dancing class in year 3 and was expelled (HAHAHA) because I cannot do some of the moves, I tried to do some movements that I barely remember.Then,when I search for the 'zapin dance' on youtube,the dance is nothing same to the ridiculous movements that I performed during the interview. T_T

4.Issues happening around the globe

This is to test your general knowledge and to see whether you care about the world or not.You need to read the newspapers and know the solutions to the problem.When we read,we don't just read,flip the pages and that's it.We need to think how to find the solutions, to make peace and nurture humanity in ourselves and in the world.Be someone that make changes!They did asked my friend about the ISIS,how are we going to explain the host family that Islam is not related to ISIS?Think about that.

5.How about halal food?

If someone offered you to drink wine or eat pork that is against your beliefs,how would you tell them politely that you cannot consume those thing? :) Based on my readings, some people said they would prefer to eat bread and fish or be a vegetarian there.But,I will try asking the alumni and maybe they could shed some light on this matter.

I hope that this entry could help you guys who are planning to apply for the AFS exchange student program.Whether you are accepted to the next interview is another thing,so enjoy the interview.I have gained amazing experience from the interview and it does open my eyes about the world I am going to explore in my journey as a young adult.Pray for me and wish me well!

Terima kasih. :D

I am sharing my experience for the benefit of others :)

Untukmu Azliana

Semalam ayah Azliana meninggal. Jadi aku pun pergi ziarah dia di Mahang dengan Ummi,Sofea dan Saffa.Sedih kan rasanya.Tidak kiralah bila pun seseorang itu meninggal,mahupun yang telah sedia sakit atau yang tiba-tiba begini yang mana ajal menjemput rasa itu pasti ada.Sedih dan pelbagai lagi rasa yang bercampur baur.Mungkin ada yang rasa -tak apalah dah habis SPM,kasihan lagi orang yang ayahnya meninggal ketika peperiksaan baru bermula.Tetapi,walau bila pun perkara itu berlaku,kepergian seseorang yang kita sayang itu pastinya merenggut secebis kebahagiaan di hati.

           Pada aku dia tampak kuat.Dia katakan "aku ingat benda macamni jadi di tv saja".Iya kan,benda macamni seringkali kita lihat sebagai sebuah lagi kejadian yang perlu ditempuhi setiap orang dalam hidup namun acapkali itu jugalah kita terlupa suatu hari perkara sama yang akan menimpa kita.Realiti kehidupan.Lepas itu,aku juga menyeka air mata.Pastinya saat itu aku turut sedih bagi pihak Azliana.Ada aku terfikir pada saat itu,benda sama akan jadi pada aku?Tidak.Aku cuma merasa getirnya kehilangan ayah,secara umum.

          Tetapi seawal menerima berita itu seusai solat zohor aku betul-betul terkejut.Beberapa hari yang lalu ada aku kira-kira rakanku yang sudah ketiadaan ayah.Rupa-rupanya angkanya bertambah.Sebelum ke Mahang aku salam abah dan aku peluk sebab aku tahu bagi mereka yang sudah tiada pastinya hal itu sangat ingin mereka lakukan.Jadi bagi aku yang masih ada abah,daripada rasa terkilan mencengkam dada lebih baik aku hargai apa yang masih ada di depan mata.

              Di kampung Azliana,antara bait kata yang dia ungkap,kami membisu seketika melayan perasaan.Aku membayangkan impian Azliana untuk ke London,menyambung pelajaran.Dia bercita-cita tinggi seperti aku juga.Dan UK menjadi destinasi impian kami untuk menuntut ilmu.Aku bukanlah pemujuk yang baik,yang pandai menenangkan.Tetapi pada masa seperti ini aku tahu seorang rakan itu perlukan pendengar.

              Aku tepuk-tepuk bahunya agar dia terus luahkan apa yang terbuku di dada.Dia katakan bahawa dia mahu mengambil lesen dan sesuatu mengenai ayahnya mahu tengok dia berlesen mungkin.Selepas itu aku dapat lihat dengan jelas betapa hibanya dia.Seterusnya, aku bertanya lagi tentang bila,di mana dan pukul berapa kejadian itu berlaku.Kemudian,dalam senyum dia kata dia baru nak ajak ayahnya ke kedai makan abah.Aku tersenyum namun air mata juga ikut menitik.Sesekali aku juga mengusap bahuku sendiri seolah-olah memujuk diri aku untuk kekal tahan dan sabar.Manakala tangan yang satu lagi memegang kain jubah yang labuh agar tidak meleret kerana hujan rintik dan tanah masih basah.Bayangkan aku yang mendengar sahaja pun sudah sedih begini,apalagi Azliana.

Azliana,aku harap hang terus tabah sebab kejayaan hang pastinya membanggakan ayahmu!

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