Looooking For A Nice RELAXING Moment


   And a nice good morning to my blog readers. ^_^.So I've finished my lovely-exam-ever.Counting the days to get the RESULT.Oh, see my curious,excited pleasantly-happy face.Just imagining to get straight A's and finally get the Anugerah Cemerlang.That's one of the "I Need to Achieve in My Life" .Once in a lifetime,earthlings!

Stop, slow, go- here’s a nice, motivational stoplight/traffic light.
Rough week, but I’m getting close to being done. ^^; Gotta keep working!
I'm really loooking forward for the school holidays that help me to free my mind in 6 weeks.1 more weeks to go through the days in School.

Going to Borders and Popular and buy some english novels.Reading it through pastime.Ahh,whattha relaxing moment ever.Can't wait to be having such nice things like those.Having a nice good morning with nasi lemak and sipping the lathery teh tarik.

Sometimes I feel like I need over 9 hours of sleep to feel rested, but I almost never get that much. u__u

I still need to go for seminars. Yeahh,to improve my marks and how to answer questions.Heh,I'm okay with it laa.Just take it as a way to improve my studies.Not that bad right.

Y'know what?Nowadays I just think like " let's make the backpacks lighter.Final exam just passed away.So no more study,the whole class will just check the exam paper and tell teachers to add up our marks.Aim for A uolls"

For me, this results in a strange combination of optimism and low expectations. Feeling sick today. ):

Picnic at the beach is a nice thing.Play with the sand and get some splashes.I guarantee those things will make you feel even better.


I need help friends.

tolong vote kami ya,tkan kat gallery then ada gambar kami tkan vote grin

please vote me.there's a gallery tekan ada gambar kami tekan vote.pretty please uolls.