2016 and think


Here a bigggggg smile. :)

Selamat tahun baru berdasarkan kalendar Masihi.2016.
Camna tahun ni?New year new me?

Or better quotes and even better principe to hold on this year?Anyway,I wish you all are able to accomplish your life goals.Cherish every moment and make new experience.Be true to yourself.Delve deeper within your soul.Ask yourself what is your purpose of living?Apart from getting good grades,become someone you've been imagining to be someday and etcetera.What is the 'ONE'?
Have you actually find yourself?Know the Creator?The one who created you and the world we are living in.

I hope whatever we do,we know why we are the caliph in this dunya.We are not only created to live but to be the thing that moves the world.To be a changer towards something good.This Earth will continue orbiting on its axis as long as the sun rise in the East.What about us?Are we just gonna live this life without having any idea that will push us to be better human each day?Just doing the routine without improvising ourselves.Is that what you want.

As writing this,I am also thinking "What is the basic purpose of life?"

Let us think.Feed your thoughts.Think and think.Be more productive.Be a better muslim.
Make a list and at the end of the day make sure some of it had been accomplished.Take it slow but keep the momentum.

Here visit this website -

And I'd like to suggest you to read surah Al-Waqiah and also the meaning so that you can understand it better.InsyaAllah,

May Allah bless us and we strive to better.

Keep thinking cause there's answers to every question.