A cup of green tea

I'm back!
It has been a long time since I give myself a break,and spend some mighty times with the nature.

I slipped a book,and searched for a pen to bring along into the forest.But then,as I realized the pen that I brought have no ink!So I stared into the woods,the beautiful big strong trees,the calm river and breathed in the fresh air,imagining how good it would be if I can express the calmness into words.Then,I decided to just enjoy the present.Embrace what I am feeling at that perfect moment.

So I looked through the window,the kids were playing around,splashing the water to each other.And there was this one kid,he stayed at the river,playing all alone with the cans and stones.Even when it was raining,he was there.I am happy to see him happy.Right after zohor,Anis,Sofea and I dozed off.When we woke up,there was no food anymore,wuuhuuuu T_T

I met wonderful people,and it taught me that if you see kindness in everything,you will feel good with yourselves.Always see good first before everything else.Less complaint,be grateful more.

Along the bumpy and rocky roads,the Pajero that I rode on was stopped a few we need to help another car behind us.Okay,I don't really know how to explain this.But this is how it was,when the car behind us can no longer move due to some reasons,the men will attached a rope/cable to enable us to pull that car forward.Then ,when our car too is unable to move,we attached it to a big tree to enhance the support to allow movement.You know what precious thing I learnt?Instead of blaming each other,they help each other.More actions,less talk.That is,wow!When perseverance and patience combined together,things just work out.

I on the other side,along with Sofea and Anis just help to spread the sardines and ikan bilis on the bread for them wuhuuuu,okaylah tu kan.Lepastu aku ingat Pak Ngah dan Paksu (Firdaus) cakap " Masuk hutan jangan berkira,bila kita tolong orang nanti orang pulaklah tolong kita".They are so nice.This applies in all aspects of life actually.

That morning we went out at 9 am ,and we only reached the track to Terowong Komunis at 4.50 p.m.Tu baru sampai trek,bukan hiking ke terowong lagi.Hmm,yang penatnya pilot dan co-pilot yang memandu.I gained new experience and I learnt something new.Apa yang penting?Kerjasama!

Dan juga tidak diupakan pacat-pacat yang sangat *hebat*.HUHU.

I'll upload the pictures later.

Apa kena mengena dengan green tea?Entahlah.I made myself a cup of green tea,reminiscing the greenish forest,but then emm I think the title is a bit misleading,eh?


Assalammualaikum :)

It's been a while.So yesterday, is an addition to another new year in my life.Life is good.I am very thankful to be surrounded by good people.And the greatest gift for me is to be contented with what I am having now,to cherish the moments and keep seeing each new day as another blessings from Allah.

As I take some times to ponder the great things that has been happening in my life,I remember all the people who make my life more meaningful.We may not see each other regularly or share current updates of life but they will stay dear to my heart as they teach new things to me.

I would say that I am not that expressive and display my affection to people through physical touch.Sometimes,I want to hug my friends or relatives so badly as I love them but I am shy to do so.Life transitions,from school to college,had taught me to be more open and I don't care I wanna hug my parents whenever they send me to college or before saying the last goodbye before I board the train.A special friend had taught me that if u want a hug then just do it or say it.You would waste your time by being shy.How did she teach me this beautiful thing?

One fine morning after school assembly,I said hi to my friend and told  her "I miss you!It's been a while since we talked to each other" and she came to me and said "Give me a huggg!".And we hugged.Can you imagine the scene?It is THAT EASY.So yesterday, instead of asking for gifts, I asked my friends to give me a hug.Each.Of.Them.

And they made a surprise for me.I am so grateful to be surrounded by good people.

I love u guys!

Moving on,I learnt to read novels or book-that-is-a-bit-thick from my neighbour.When I was in standard 4 or 10 years old I used to read comics and magazines.One day,I went to my neighbour's house and found out a catchy novel titled Matahara (a fiction of Malay Superwoman).I was intrigued but I was not confident that I am able to finish reading a novel with such thickness (at that time).Starting from that day, I am addicted to novelsss.Thank you Kak Fatin Filzah!Now,I just bought two novels but they will just stay on the shelf as 'pembakar semangat' because I need to finish my exams first before reading those gems.

What I am trying to portray is people will remember how you made them feel.You might not be the best student or the one with charming looks or the one whom people bow down to,but people will remember how you treated them.

There are two friends whom I was waiting for to get birthday wishes from,but they didn't wish me yesterday.And today,they sent me like a lengthy paragraph with kind and sweet words.Oh,how happy I am.Thank you!

And of course the two most important person,who brought me into this world,and I am their first happiness (literally named after) ,my parents,thank you!

  • p/s : Thank you,jangan lupa minum ayaq (hahaha)


Assalammualaikum.Hoping that u guys are having a blessed Ramadhan.

I have been yearning to write.Writing to heal.Do you know that a writing is a form of therapy for you to express your feeling.I would like to quote this

People who engage in expressive writing report feeling happier and less negative than before writing. Similarly, reports of depressive symptoms, rumination and general anxiety tend to drop in the weeks and months after writing about emotional upheavals. - Writing to Heal by James W.Pennebaker

At the time of despair,pen and paper will usually be the place for me to channel my resentments.And after the time passed,I would read it back and realised how emotionally unstable I have been in those rough times.The good thing is, I am able to see the clear picture of the thing that had cause a rage in me and I felt better.

However, when I am happy,I write too.The best thing about this ,is that whenever I am having a bad day and I need a dose of happiness to cheer me up and remind that this life is not THAT bad, the poems and short personal notes that I made,has been a great motivation.

I have a collection of poems,that I jot down in my notebook whenever I feel like writing.I would always return to the brown crisp pages to reread and feel a whole lot better.

And sometimes,when reading novels and I come upon great quote with meaningful lines,I will copy it as I know that I will definitely need it someday,sometimes.

So,I'd like to share these great excerpts from my fav-go-to-book whenever I am feeling emotional.huhu
Chicken Soup,I love you!

 "A conversation is a risk.A real conversation changes the people who have it.It is about exchanging ideas,considering other opinions,shifting positions.That is why conversations are so difficult ; You risk changing yourself,admitting you were wrong,coming to appreciate the other person's perspective.An honest conversation is about : talking,negotiating,compromising until we agreed on a set of privileges,then we both would have gotten something we wanted" 
- Jennifer Braunschweiger (First Kiss,First Lesson) 

"Instead of seeing judgement in the eyes of others,I recognized the need people have to make a connection and share something about themselves"
-Kent Nerburn (Like People First)

"Life is about who you love and who you hurt.It's about how you feel about yourself.It's about trust,happiness and compassion.It's about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love.Life is about avoiding jealousy,overcoming ignorance and building confidence.It's about what you say and what you mean.It's about seeing people for who they are and not what they have.Most of all, it is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else's in a way that would never have been achieved otherwise.

These choices are what life is about."
-Katie Leicht,Life Just Isn't.

All these excerpts are taken from the book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.
Yeah,I am that girl,going to the library during recess time,pretending to be very absorbed in those chemistry equations and biology theories but 10 minutes after that,I ended up being in either the young adult novel shelves or psychology and history stack of books,trying to crack the code of another human personality.Why is it so hard to understand all of these beautiful yet weird creatures ya?

Then I am having this fights with myself whether to straight away sleep after doing just 1/4 of my work or to read just another page of that Chicken Soup book.Most of the times, I lost the battle and I borrow another Chicken Soup book the week after.Haha.

Another interesting thing to do, when you sought after a new knowledge is by writing it down,be it in a book or a memo,as long as you keep it.We human,tend to forget even the crucial thing that has been reminded countless of times.

So whenever u decided to spend your time watching some educational videos,make an effort to keep a pen and paper by your side.You wil sow the benefit later or sooner.I watched TedTalk and I felt that it is a great loss if I let all those knowledge slipped out of my hands.

This one time, I watched a TED Talk presented by Amy Cuddy who talked about "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are".

The important mantra in the talk is - 

"Our body changes our mind.Our mind change our behaviour.Our behaviour change our outcomes"

If I did not jot down all these things ,it would be impossible for me to share it with you guys!I might remember some lines,broken lines with missing words which ended up confusing you guys about the real meanings.

p/s : Sometimes in life,we just need to look at good things and let go of the bad ones.Let it go.Let it gooooo (sila sambung nyanyi lagu Frozen ni)

Till then,make it a point to improve yourself during this month which is full of barakah and mercy from Allah the Great.


Assalammualaikum ,

Cerita kali ini betul-betul lawak.Lawak bercampur sedih,rasa nak menangis!

Di The Mines,aku kononnya nak tengok ikan-ikan dalam kolam tu berenang dengan lebih jelas dan dekat.Sambil tengok ikan,tiba-tiba tanganku berpusing dan terlanggar spek mata yang sudah sedia longgar.Swoosh!Spek pun jatuh dalam kolam huhuhuhu.Ikan-ikan yang sedang berenang pun kelihatan sedih.Okay ini tipu.Ada pelancong Indonesia 🇮🇩 yang juga sedang menikmati pemandangan kolam ikan,turut bersimpati dengan kejadian itu.Dia cakap "tak payah ambillah,dalam kolam ni dan tak nampak mana spek itu".

Lepas itu, aku berjalan kejap dengan pandangan kabur dan call Sofea.Bila Sofea datang aku ajak dia ke tempat kejadian,kotlah kan dia nampak mana spek aku.Tetapi kolam yang penuh dengan ikan-ikan bersaiz sederhana besar serta permukaan yang agak gelap menyebabkan bayangan spek itu lenyap.

Hilang.Sekarang aku perlukan kanta lekap.

p/s: Sangat rindukan sungai,bukit dan yang sewaktu dengannya.


I really want to write.

But I don't know what should I write. Hmmm...

Kejap nak fikir ada tak cerita lawak.
Tak ada. 😑

Power Pose


It's been a long time. Hello,2017!

This year,be better!Grab that chance,chase the dreams.

At this point ,in life what you want matters most - the hopes, the long-list-plan of what you want to achieve, and the never ending goals that you jot down in your diary, it is not just another thing that strike in your mind.

As cliche as it may sounds, if you want it then WORK FOR IT!

The dreams may sound ridiculous or crazy,but hey, look on the bright side,it never hurts to dream right?One day, you'll look back and say, I know I could do this.

Now, strike that 'Power pose', take a deep breath, smile (most important part) ,there you go.Make your move,and keep shining.

Don't stop, keep moving,only turn to reminisce the good times.


               What is life if we keep on doubting our own potential,you are here only once,do it right.

Check thos comic out, .Very inspiring.