You deserved to be the best


I am an optimistic person,full of dreams and I believe that everything is possible in our life as long as we work for it and believe in ourselves.To top it well,confidence is the catalyst to our success.We are the substrate,and to accomplish our dreams we got to find the best active site to catalyse ourselves.

We already have the courage.Checked.
Confidence level is boosting up the meter.Checked! But,keep yourself humble,be a down-to-earth person.By being humble I don't mean that u have to underestimate your capabilities.It is just that,a person who love to boast about themselves,is not the one that we would look up to,right?Their good qualities may impress us,but their personality?Uh umm,maybe no.

Remember, in our live,what we do is not just for ourselves,we are moulding the society and the next generation.If we failed to be a good role model,let alone dreaming of seeing a better generation who will soon lead the community,country and the world that we are living in,

My friends,readers,mates,unknown person or whatever you like to be called as,
Never ever judged yourself!If you are making up such destructive criticism in your own mind,adding the list to oh-I-am-such-a-useless person, you are actually dragging yourself down and ignoring the good vibes around you.


You are being ignorance because

  1. You keep seeing the dark side of everything
  2. When someone try to motivate you and you distant yourself from them
  3. Your circle of friends are not supportive at all
  4. You keep holding onto a bad friendship 
  5. You refuse to CHANGE
Wake up,my friend.
By not judging ourselves,it doesn't mean we are all perfectly angelic person.No, we will never be one.

Instead of judging,we need to reflect on ourselves.Take some time,think about what we have done,does it add a value into our life or not?Whenever we think of saying something bad,or gossipping,jumping into conclusions out of nowhere,think and reflect.

Istighfar and zikr because it will help to clean our heart and purify our intentions.
Our mind may not be as pristine and free of bad thoughts,but as we make our way to improve ourselves,our mind,heart and soul ; believe me Allah is there to help us pave the path towards the right way.He will ease our work and even scale up our effort.

This will never be a good post if I am pointing out why things do not work well but leave you hanging there without knowing how to make it better.

So,some of my advice would be :-
  • Always,always,always surround yourself with people who give out positive vibes
  • Do what you love to do,find your passion
  • Smile, you beautiful!
  • Start each morning with a good intention
  • Keep in your mind that you want to inspire and be inspired
  • There is always light at the end of the tunnel
  • Avoid nonsense talks,and start a good topic 
  • Everything have it own hikmah
  • If some of your friends are lashing out at you or being negative,just assume that they are having bad day and they will appear good other times around
  • Or recommend them to read this post
  • Focus on your goals
  • Remind yourself that you have accomplished some of your dreams and you are addicted to it
  • InsyaAllah,everything is going to be good

Alhamdulillah,let us be positive and inspire people around us.

p/s : Why I love to ps lately?Maybe this is the best part of my blogposts

bahasa melayu baku

September datang lagi


Hari ini saya ada peperiksaan percubaan,hari keenam.Dalam kekalutan menjawab jam dikerling untuk mengawal masa.Angka 1 tertera dalam bulatan kecil berbentuk hati.Wah,sudah 1 September.Bibir menguntum senyum,September sudah datang.Dalam kegembiraan september jangan lupa pula November bakal menjengah.Jadi buat apa saya,masih menaip,di blog ini?Saja,melahirkan kegembiraan.Senang kan jadi orang yang gembira tanpa perlu sebab yang luar biasa.

Tetapi, dalam gembira itu saya tertanya,
Sudah lupakah aku semalam 31 Ogos,Hari Kemerdekaan negaraku,hari ini pastinya 1 September.
Aku,kalau dihidangkan filem kemerdekaan,akulah penonton setia,
kalau membaca cerpen tentang Tanah Malaya ini pun sudah cukup buat aku rasa seperti mahu ke zaman dahulu,
apatah lagi apabila laungan Merdeka itu bergema.

Namun,tahun ini kenapa rasa itu hilang,
Atau aku rasa aku yang lalai,
Lalu mana patriotik yang seringkali kita bicarakan dalam soalan KBAT Sejarah,
Kenapa tidak diamalkan dalam hidup,yang sebenar
Apapun aku tetap Anak Malaysia,
mencintai tanah tumpah darahku.

Masa tidak pernah terlambat atau terlalu jauh,
untuk kita mengungkapkan rasa cinta,
pada bumi bertuah ini,
walaupun tirai Ogos sudah berlabuh,
September menanti dengan memori baru.

p/s : tiada gambar bersama Jalur Gemilang buat tatapan anda